Our Coaches

Monica is a Level 2 NCAS coach. She started diving at Masters’ level after switching from gymnastics where she was a Junior Elite coach in the USA.

From the age of 3 through her university years, Monica was a talented gymnast in the USA, where she was also a coach of Junior Elite gymnasts.

Monica’s involvement in diving in Australia started at the Masters’ level and she has won competitions at Australian National Championships and has been a medallist at the 2002, 2004 and 2006 World Masters’ Championships.

Monica brings a wealth of knowledge to diving coaching as she has a Master’s degree in Health Science Education and has considerable experience in fitness, gymnastics and nutrition. She coaches MelAm’s Masters’ and Age divers from beginner to international competition standard.

Monica Fly


Dean Murphy

Dean is a Level 2 NCAS coach. He has competed at State, National and International levels. He has represented MelAm at Nationals and PanPacs Masters, World Masters Games, and IGLA championships.


Ashla is a current diver representing MelAm. She is currenting completing her Level 1 NCAS coaching accreditation.

Ashla Corlis Richards

Peter Panayi (Vale)– Founder

Peter’s passion for the sport of diving started when he was 10 years old. Since then he has been a competitive diver, coach and judge.

Peter moved to Australia from England in 1962 and has been influential in the development of diving both in Victoria and Australia. He was a life member of both the Victorian Diving Association and Diving Australia.
In 1984 with his wife Shirley, Peter started the MelAm Diving Club.

Peter was a level 3 NCAS coach. Over the years Peter’s divers have won in excess of 500 medals at State level and 400 medals at the National level. Peter’s divers have also been successful at all major international diving competitions.